Coloring timelapse video

Anastasia Majzhegisheva made a timelapse video showing her work in Krita. Music: “Young” by Other Noises. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

Shot 60: From static to animation (timelapse)

In this video you can see a part of our working process of composing static artwork images into animation file. In the beginning you can briefly see the usage of Transformation Masks feature of Krita. We use it to split artwork into parts non-destructively (very helpful, because we can always turn everything back into place!). […]

Using colorcharts in Synfig

Here’s a little video I have prepared on how we do coloring using colorcharts in Synfig. The colorcharts is very cool feature for animation projects – you have all key colors defined in one file and when you change this file, all colors are changed in the whole project. So you can dynamically tweak colors […]

Weekly progress

I will start today’s weekly progress from screencast demonstrating our “lazy tweening” approach. This approach can be shortly summarized in following steps: Vectorize each keyframe independently. Use stickman to deform first keyframe to second and create tweening transition. Repeat the same for second and third keyframes and so on. We have spent the whole week […]

Weekly progress

This week wasn’t very productive. Nikolay was mostly busy on other things, so you will not see new vectorization results. Though, we have managed to make some really neat improvements. First of all, we have made some significant impact on shot 06. I was a little worried about this shot being a little bit too […]

Introduction to Remake

Finally I’ve got the video with my talk about Remake at LGM! Unfortunately the screen wasn’t recorded, so initially there was only my talking head there. But I’ve tried to reproduce everything what was happening at the screen during the presentation and combined with video. So I hope in this shape it makes sense now. […]

Plugins feature in Synfig Studio

We was so excited by our stickman merge tool, that we decided to integrate this feature directly into Synfig Studio. As result, we have made some trivial plugin system that allows to run python scripts for current document right from Synfig menu. Very simple, but hey! – it’s effective. Here’s some explanation video: People often […]

Making headturn guides in Synfig

Some folks say that my previous video (the one about creating headturn guides) was too fast. And that making it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. So here I posting another screencast without timelapse.

Stickman Tutorial

For a long time people asked for the tutorial explaining how to use Stickman Template and finally I have come up with something that might be called a tutorial. In fact those videos were recorded in different time (you might notice the differences in interface elements), but watching everything in sequence should give you the […]

Merging draft images

Here’s a video about merging two similar images with different size/rotation in Synfig Studio. One image contains corrections for another, so it’s important to properly combine them together. Synfig has a few tricks allowing to handle this task with grace.