Anastasia’s artwork published in Krita book

Two images, made by Anastasia Majzhegisheva for Morevna Project, included as illustrations in a French book about Krita. The «Dessin et peinture numérique avec Krita» book is written by Timothée Giet, who is already familiar to many Krita users as an author of two video courses – «Comics with Krita» and «Secrets of Krita». The […]

Free Software Humanization

A little secret about Anastasia Majzhegisheva. In her spare time she is working on a mini-animation about Morevna Project. As part of this work she did a human representation of our software tools. Check them out below!

Artwork Archive version 2

Our Artwork Archive got a new interface! The new version now much more comfortable for browsing and introducing the following features: Display thumbnails for album covers You can get email notifications about the new content Sharing buttons Deeplinking for each individual image

Introducing Artwork Archive

The lead artist of our project Anastasia Majzhegisheva is very productive. Besides her work for the new Morevna episode, she also makes a few drawings just for fun every day. Digital artwork, random sketches on paper, unfinished works, style experiments and variations… You can see some of them appear on our blog from time to […]

Birthday comic strip (coloured)

A coloured version of comic strip, made by Anastasia Majzhegisheva for the 7th anniversary of Morevna Project. Captioned with translations. ^__^

Morevna Project turns 7

Hello, everyone, guess what day today is? Today is an anniversary of Morevna Project! Hard to believe – it’s 7 years passed by since I wrote a first post on this blog! Many awesome things happened, many changes and many things still ahead. Personally for me this day is a good reason to look at […]

Our new synchronization server

Last month we have made one more important step regarding our infrastructure – our file synchronization system was migrated from proprietary Dropbox to open-source solution!

How do we deal with spoilers?

So, we are driving an open-source animation project. What does this means? All sources are published when the final work is released. OK, that’s simple. But we also trying to cover the production process itself by publishing the in-progress data. And here comes the question: how much of this work-in-progress should we share? Answering this question […]

Morevna Project got a Patreon page

I am happy to announce that Morevna Project have a Patreon page now! If you like our work, then you can support us by providing the small monthly payments through the Patreon platform. Here’s a quick video explaining how Patreon works: The money collected through our Patreon page will go directly to Morevna Project and […]

Morevna website goes international

I am happy to announce that Morevna Website is now enabled for translation into other languages. The translation takes place at the Transifex platform and we invite our community members to participate in the translation process. The translated content is automatically integrated into our website and displayed for visitors in corresponding language (the synchronization process […]