Visit by Sam Muirhead

A few days ago we’ve got a visit from one of our Patrons! Sam Muirhead ( traveled all the way from Berlin to Gorno-Altaisk to meet the team of Morevna Project.

Sam spent 5 days at our small town shooting a video about our studio, our work, and the context where everything is happens. His plan is to make short video about Morevna Project and people around it.

As you might know, at our studio we handle a regular workshops for teenagers who want to learn animation with free software (if you don’t, then you might wish to have a look at this article by Julia Velkova).

Sam  had a chance to visit two workshops and interviewed some  of our students. Also he had interviewed other team members – Nikolai Mamashev (animator and director of Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic), Anastasia Majzhegisheva (lead artist of Morevna), Stas Kholodilin (our sound designer) and Ivan Mahonin (lead developer of Synfig and contributor of OpenToonz).

For a long time I had a dream to get someone “from the outside world” to visit our studio and make a video about our work. Now my dream has come true!\

It was an amazing and really productive time for everyone here. And I really hope that Sam will a chance to visit us again. ^__^

P.S. Post artwork by Anastasia Majzhegisheva.

Left to right: Nikolai Mamashev, Anastasia Majzhegisheva, Stas Kholodilin, Sam Muirhead.

Workshop at the studio. Photo by Sam Muirhead.
The outside look at the building of our studio. Photo by Sam Muirhead.

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