Our new synchronization server

Last month we have made one more important step regarding our infrastructure – our file synchronization system was migrated from proprietary Dropbox to open-source solution!

We have spent a significant time testing several options available for the synchronization purposes. In fact, this process took much more than one month.

And our choice is – Seafile.

Why? We are absolutely flattered by its concept and especially appreciate the following features:

  • Very effective upload algorithm. Files are divided into blocks of 1MB, this mechanism makes it possible to deduplicate data between different versions of frequently updated files, improving storage efficiency.
  • It is possible to resume upload/download for a single file.
  • The client can connect to multiple accounts, on different servers.

Below you can see some screenshots form the web interface.

You can find more about Seafile on its official homepage.

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2 Responses

  1. But is very limited, no?


    I mean you can only use 5gb monthly with the free version
    and 1 gb storage…

    why is better than use Wuala for example?

    Greetings and awesome job!

    1. Seafile is an opensource software, so you can set up your own server. This is exactly what we did, so we don’t have such space/bandwidth limitations. Wuala is not an opensource, so you can’t do such things with them. ^__^

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