Morevna Project’s Roadmap

Well, as you might guess, our top-priority task is producing the new episodes of Morevna. But in fact we have much more in our minds to get done as part of Morevna Project! Last time I am often catching myself on being eager to share  all our big plans and ideas. I want you to know the whole picture and long-term perspectives. I want you to know what you can expect from us in some future.

So, here it is – now we have a special page to collect and share our big plans and ideas. Check it out!

And this is not just a list. We also would like to hear back from you! We would like to know what of our plans and ideas are most anticipated, most important and most demanded for you. So, we are welcome you to vote for ideas.

Please note, that not all plans that are listed (and will be listed) are guaranteed to happen. The limit of resources always forces to make choices. And this is a point where your feedback could make an influence.

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