Open production for Pepper&Carrot Episode 3

In previous report I have mentioned that this month we’ve got an incredible flow of donations and most of them coming from sales of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic at our Gumroad page.

So, after thinking a bit and doing some calculations, I decided to start production of new animated episode of Pepper&Carrot!

The amount of donations collected to this moment is enough to do a first step of production – animatic.

The animatic will be made by Stas Kholodilin, who has participated in production of Episode 6 of Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic and who is also an author of Cut-out Animation in Blender video course.

When animatic will be ready, I will be able to make a detailed calculations about future production costs and… we’ll see then.

In any case, this time I’ll try to keep the production process as open as possible, just like with Morevna Episode 2.

For example, I would like to make sources publicly available to community during the whole production process (see my previous report about idea of GitLab/NextCloud synchronized storage). This will allow us to accept community contributions to this project. The animatic produced in the first stage will define a “structure” of final product and being published in open-source it will allow to finish the work with community forces or our own resources. Let’s see how it will turn!

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  1. Can I make a donation specifically for the new animation and if yes, how ?

    1. So far the only way to do this is to donate via purchase of “Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic” product on Gumroad –
      The money collected from purchases of this product will go to production. The downside of this is lack of transparency for community – currently there is no indication of how much donations made for Pepper&Carrot from the total amount. I would like to think on how to fix this…

      1. Yes, please do so. I would really like to support the new project directly :).

        1. Hi! I have set up a page at OpenCollective for Morevna Project –

          The page allows to specify donation target –

          …and it is possible to see the full amount collected for the target by clicking “Read more” link on tier card –

          + with OpenCollective we will have transparency on how funds are spent. ^__^

          1. Just tried to pay my donation via bank transfer. When checking the SWIFT code I noticed that the address of the UMPQUA BANK in your posting and the address on differ.
            Therefore I refrained from the transfer by bank and used my MasterCard instead. Please cancel the pending bank transfer. thank you.

          2. Hi! Thank you so much for your contribution!
            Regarding Bank Transfer account number – our fiscal host (OpenCollcetive) recently has changed the account. I believe they forgot to update it somewhere. Can you please let me know which account number displayed on I will report the issue to them.

  2. Those are great news. We’re looking forward to it.
    ( Will you switch to Blender 2.80+ in the process or stick with 2.79? )

    1. As for now we plan to stick with 2.79 (mainly because of CoaTools), as this is a well-know process for us. Migrating to new version is possible, but I will evaluate this in the process of production. Since I plan to have “morevna-studio” tool ready, we even will be able to seamlessly use several versions of Blender in one project, so it opens a possibilities for experiments during production. ^__^

  3. Couldn’t find the old mail with, so I started the whole process anew. The account number transmitted to me was 4866342233. Please cancel the pending process anew as I started it only to get the info for you :).

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