Progress Report #29

Yesterday I have finished reorganization of our online file storage. This was a long and tedious task, which was started a few months ago. The process was long, because I had to investigate a lot about available technologies, their cost (in terms of maintaining efforts and money). Also I had to take into account future growing of our project and carefully plan migration of all our data (almost 200Gb). There was several trial-and-errors and finally I am happy with result!

Now all our synchronization servers are running Docker-containerized NextCloud. The main thing – they are attached to scalable S3 storage, which gives us a kind of “unlimited” storage at a very low cost. I am using “s3ql” or “s3fs” for attaching S3 storage, depending on situation.

All data is backed up automatically every day (I use BackupPC for that). Backups are also storing version history, so I can restore state of single files or whole directories at particular point of time.

In the future I would like to connect our project dirs at NextCloud to GitLab. Right now we already have sources of Morevna Episode 3 stored in two places: in our NextCloud-based storage and in GitLab repo. At the moment files in both locations are synchronized manually and my idea is to make this synchronization automatic. In this case core project contributors can continue working with project through NextCloud (as this is more natural for artists) and at the same time we will be able to accept contributions from community through GitLab PRs. I can’t wait to try this model!

Also, last two weeks we’ve got some incredible donations activity. If you look at the top panel at this page, you might notice we are much above of our regular monthly amount of donations.

This activity is coming from our Gumroad page, where we have our videos sold as Pay-What-You-Want products.

Most of the time it is a very calm place, without any activity at all. But what is happening last days is hard to leave unnoticed. See yourself –

Interesting fact: most donations are coming through Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic product.

Last, but not least: this week we’ve got sudden and unexpected fan-art from Anastasia Mayzhegisheva. Take a look!

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