Public talks at SuzdalFest and SoyuzMultFilm: Video

You possibly remember that this spring I took initiative to give a public talk about OpenToonz and other free animation software at SuzdalFest. If you’ve never heard about that, please check my previous posts here and here.

Thanks to support of OpenToonz community, my talk did happened. Also, as part of that trip I’ve got a support from SoyuzMultFilm animation studio and got invitation to give an additional talk for the studio staff.

Anastasia Mayzhegisheva made a video recording for both talks and now they are finally available online!

Right now I am looking for someone who can help to make English subtitles for this video. This process is separated in two stages. First, we need to create a Russian transcript and the second stage is to translate it into English. If anyone can offer some help on those, please comment on relevant issues in this GitHub repository. Your help is much appreciated!

Also, Anastasia edited her own short (10 minutes) video report about the whole trip (also available in Russian only yet):

More news are coming soon in my next update.

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