Help Konstantin Dmitriev travel to Suzdal Fest

…to make a public talk about OpenToonz animation software.

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Q: What if campaign will not reach its goal?

A: This is “all-or-nothing” campaign. If it will not reach its goal, then everyone get their money back.

Q: Why are you going to promote OpenToonz, but not Synfig?

A: Most audience of Suzdal Fest are interested in 2D frame-by-frame animation. Unfortunately, this is what Synfig is not capable for at this moment.

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Hi, my name is Konstantin Dmitriev. I am here to ask for sponsorship to fund my travel to Suzdal Fest.

I am a free software activist with a special focus for animation. My contributions to the world of free software started in 2007. Since 2013 I am heading development of Synfig animation software and since 2017 maintaining a special version of OpenToonz animation software – OpenToonz Morevna Edition.

Suzdal Fest is a major annual animation event in Russia, which is attended by representatives from all major animation studios of Russia, as well as independent artists.

My idea is to give a public talk about features of open-source animation software at IX Animation Congress, which will take place as part of Suzdal Fest event on 13-18 March 2018.

My talk will be structured as follows:

  • What is free/open-source software and its benefits for animation industry.
  • Quick summary of the work done by my team on improving open-source animation software for the last 10 years.
  • Presentation of OpenToonz as solution for 2D animation.

I have already talked with organizing committee of Suzdal Fest and they agree to give me a free slot for my public talk.

Unfortunately, they cannot provide  a compensation for travel expenses. To attend the event I have to travel ~2500 miles from Gorno-Altaisk (this is where I live and work) to Suzdal. And, unfortunately, I cannot pay this from my own pocket. So, this is why I am running this campaign.

If the campaign will be successfully funded before January 24th, then I will be able to travel and do the talk. If not – everyone get their money back and my talk will not happen.

I am not offering many “rewards” on this campaign, since I believe my talk at Suzdal Fest can trigger constructive dialogue and help to establish new connections with animation studios and individuals, which can lead to a growing interest to OpenToonz and open-source animation software in general for benefit of everyone.

This is especially actual moment now, because in 2017 Russian government raised a problem of creating independent (in terms of software tools) animation production (!) and ready to make investments into this sphere. This is our a chance to attract attention and give a signal that solution of the problem can be covered by open-source software. I hope you will support my initiative.

Thank you!

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