What is Toonz Raster Level?

What is “Toonz Raster Level” and how it is differs from regular “Raster Level”? Well, it is hard to describe the benefits in one sentence. In general it is like “bitmap drawing with blackjack” – you get better control on your artwork.

When you paint on “Toonz Raster Level” application stores additional information about your painting (such as palette color and some tool options). This allows to get some benefits, similar to those as you have with Vector Levels.

For example, it remembers palette color style when you paint something. So, if later you change corresponding palette color style, then your painting will be changed accordingly.

Also, any drawings made with Brush Tool and Paint Brush Tool (similar names, eh?) are treated as completely distinct types of data. Anything painted with Brush Tool is treated as “Line” and anything painted with Paint Brush Tool is treated as “Area”. This allows to separate bitmap data within the same Level and work with each type independently. I.e. you can use Paint Brush Tool to paint fills (Areas) and keep lines of your artwork untouched.


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