OpenToonz with MyPaint brushes available for download

Our developer Ivan Mahonin published first testing packages of OpenToonz, featuring MyPaint brushes integration! The installation packages are available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Ivan is working on integrating MyPaint brushes into OpenToonz animation software. This work is made possible thanks to many OpenToonz community members, who supported our bounty for this feature. Recently he got first working prototype. You can see its demonstration in the video below.

We wanted to provide our users a possibility to do early testing of this feature, without the need to compile from source code. So, Ivan made a binary packages for Linux platforms. Also, he put additional efforts to configure Windows build system, so now we can provide Windows packages as well.

Download OpenToonz for Windows & Linux

Please note, this is a TESTING version and it could have some issues around. At this stage of development please report all issues related to MyPaint brushes to this issue tracker.

The source code of all change made by Ivan is available here.

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  1. I appreciate the hard work you’ve done! The long wait was worth it. In order to convince people to make it easier to port I suppose it would be best if the developers saw the merit in this project by using the new features first hand. Maybe you can get some assistance?

    • Hello, Dome. Our source code is open for other developers – see the link at the bottom of this post. We also exposed this effort in the original issue thread at GitHub. I believe it is really easy to integrate our changes if original developers are interested.

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