Shot 60: From static to animation (timelapse)

In this video you can see a part of our working process of composing static artwork images into animation file. In the beginning you can briefly see the usage of Transformation Masks feature of Krita. We use it to split artwork into parts non-destructively (very helpful, because we can always turn everything back into place!). […]

Production Report #8: Coloring

In my previous report I have promised a post about our coloring process. And here it comes! The coloring task is not that resource-demanding as vectorization, but still this is quite a big routine.  That’s why we have asked for help the students of our little studio. First of all, we have prepared a reference […]

Our new synchronization server

Last month we have made one more important step regarding our infrastructure – our file synchronization system was migrated from proprietary Dropbox to open-source solution!

Synchronization infrastructure for collaborative animation projects

When several people work on the animation project in different places, the project sources are usually synced between them using the cloud services. Today I would like to share the workflow we use for that. First of all, as you probably know, for our projects we use Remake build system, which allows to separate sources […]

Character Template Tutorial

Hola! We understand that the published character template is pretty much unuseful without a tutorial. So, here I’m publishing a screencast recorded from my workshop at LGM. You can download the full tutorial in ogg-theora format here: Enjoy!

Delays, papagayos and character templates

Hey, it’s been a long time! Let me share some quick news with you. If you remember, in November I have planned  a lot of stuff to be done by February. Unfortunately, none of the outlined tasks are completed by the moment. That means we are not ready to launch the new episode of Morevna […]

See you in Sweden

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Let me start with some good news. Last week I have received a subsidy from Russian government for my trip to give a talk at Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) at Göteborg, Sweden. Much thanks to Viktor Tolokonsky for giving us his support in this initiative. […]

Using colorcharts in Synfig

Here’s a little video I have prepared on how we do coloring using colorcharts in Synfig. The colorcharts is very cool feature for animation projects – you have all key colors defined in one file and when you change this file, all colors are changed in the whole project. So you can dynamically tweak colors […]

Weekly progress

I will start today’s weekly progress from screencast demonstrating our “lazy tweening” approach. This approach can be shortly summarized in following steps: Vectorize each keyframe independently. Use stickman to deform first keyframe to second and create tweening transition. Repeat the same for second and third keyframes and so on. We have spent the whole week […]