Remake 0.3 released

I am proud to announce new version of “Remake” – unified build system for animation projects. It’s purpose to automatically track changes in your project files and render footage.

Download remake-0.3.tar.gz

This time we have delivered a number of major improvements, and “3” in release number have some symbolic meaning – among rendering of Blender and Synfig files we got support for rendering third type of animation – Pencil, we got new rendering mode that allows to get stereo 3D output and finally files of mp3 audio format are supported as well.

Here’s full list of changes:

  • Support for rendering Pencil files (*.pcl). You need modified version of Pencil provided by MorevnaProject to have this feature working.
  • New rendering mode: “stereo”. We were sponsored by our friends from CifroCity company to develop this feature by their request. You can use this mode to create 3D stereoscopic rendering of your Blender scenes. Just create two cameras for left and right eye and name them as “Left” and “Right” respectively. When launched in this mode Remake will automatically  render both views and stitch them into video file suitable for watching with your favourite 3D stereo player. See manual page for details.
  • New rendering mode: “deps”. In this mode Remake will render dependent files only, but not the file itself. Very useful when you working with video sequence file (project.blend): “remake deps project.blend” will make sure that you have all footage rendering up to date and you don’t have to waste your time waiting when full sequence will be rendered.
  • New “-c” option to select camera to render from in Blender files.
  • Support for processing mp3 files (will output as wav).
  • Compressed Synfig files (*.sifz) now supported as well.

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4 Responses

  1. here is a debian binary of remake. I also included a script, create_remake to invoke a new remake project at any location

    useage: create_remake [ ]

    create_remake just makes a new remake project from the remake default template, at your current location. If you specify a path, it will create the project there.

    I also included remake into my linux distribution, as well as your pencil packages.

    keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, thank you! Probably we should consider adding feature for creating remake project. I’ll include your package to the Software page…

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