RenderChan 1.0-alpha2 released!

I am happy to announce that second alpha version of RenderChan 1.0 is available for download now!

List of changes:

  • Added support for OpenToonz animation software.
  • Added support for Olive video editor (version 0.1.x only).
  • Windows version now has an installer.
  • Improved parsing of txt files in “env” directory: Now it is possible to specify several paths to binary file, and RenderChan will look for each of them until proper binary found. That addition allows RenderChan to support different flavors of OpenToonz (official or Morevna Edition), as their binaries are located in different places.
  • Make sure to disable Krita module if it’s binary not responding properly (which means broken installation).
  • Python version updated in Windows version.

Download RenderChan 1.0-alpha2

See also Instructions & Tutorials:

Here are some demonstration projects that you can render with RenderChan:

For any issues you encounter please report them to our bugtracker.

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