Pencil packages update

We have updated Pencil packages. Please grab them from the packages page.

Major reasons to upgrade:

  • Duplicate frame button
  • Keybindings to control the applications

Notice that this version of Pencil is different from the official one. We have made several improvements and bug fixes. Unfortunately, they were not included into official version.

The most important changes are:

  • Support for command-line options. Now you can render your files from command-line. That allows to integrate Pencil with Remake (our automated rendering system).
  • Fix for PNG export bug.

The source code with our changes can be found in this git repository. All changes are made against the Pencil SVN190.

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  1. Scat:
    Ugh… My bad, I have posted wrong link for 64bit ubuntu version. It is fixed now. Please check out the packages page again. ^___^

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