Using colorcharts in Synfig

Here’s a little video I have prepared on how we do coloring using colorcharts in Synfig.

The colorcharts is very cool feature for animation projects – you have all key colors defined in one file and when you change this file, all colors are changed in the whole project. So you can dynamically tweak colors for your characters with a single click.

Colorcharts are natively supported in Synfig through the linking feature. Many people know that you can link parameters in Synfig within one file, but very few know that you can link to parameters from other files. And this is how colorcharts work – we just link all colors to the exported values in another file. See video below for detailed explanation.

Apologies for my English. ^__^

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Konstantin,

    Your tutorial is highly interesting. However, when I try to do the same, the valuebase nodes do not appear in the file with the drawing where I imported the colour file. This means that colours do not update in the drawing when I change them in the colour file.
    I have installed Synfig 1.2.0.
    Can you advise?
    Best regards Eva

    1. Hello Eva! Yes, valuenodes do not appear in the file with drawing, because they are residing in color file. You need to open color file (in another tab) and change colors there. Then the colors will change in the drawing file as well.

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