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( читать по-русски | Russian translation )

Let me start with some good news. Last week I have received a subsidy from Russian government for my trip to give a talk at Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) at Göteborg, Sweden. Much thanks to Viktor Tolokonsky for giving us his support in this initiative. If you remember, my presence there was questionable, but now situation is pretty clear – I will be there.

Also I hope everyone remember that we are plan to give the first screening of Morevna right after the talk. So, see you in Sweden at FSCONS – me and Julia Velkova will be giving a talk on 10th of November at 15:15 (GMT+1).

About the status of Morevna Project Demo. Last week we worked at the full rage – we plan to have the first rough draft finished by October 10th. Would it be something new if I will say that Nikolay does an awesome work drawing backgrounds and polishing the tweening?  I really would like to show you nice and fancy production sheet like we had for keyframes or vectorization stage, but such schema doesn’t work here. I’m just watching the most recent rendering of Demo, writing the top priority tasks, then we working on fixing them, rendering again, watching, writing more tasks and so on. So, (what a shame!) this is how my typical task list looks like.

OK, it’s time for me to get back to work – I need to have all works on 3D characters animation finished in next 24 hours! Yay! Let’s enjoy the new week!

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