Interview with vectorization competition winner

I know it’s much time passed by, but I hope you remember Vectorization Competition  that we held at Morevna Project from June to September. We have announced the results and the absolute winner – Jcome, but in fact that wasn’t the end of the story. We have prepared a little reward for the winner – an interview to publish on our blog. Unfortunately Jcome was quite busy last time and the interview got delayed. But now it’s here and I believe it’s still not too late. Meet Jcome – vectorization competition winner!

– Please tell a bit about yourself. What is your name, age and occupation?

I am Yu Chen, Currently I live in Foshan, Bruce Lee’s hometown, a famous city in China. As most fans of Bruce Lee, I like to play nunchaku, and there is difference is my nunchaku was made by myself, you can take a look at my flick. I am currently work for Esko as a software application engineer, not a developer, but a customer service team member in prepress industry.

– How and when did you heard about Morevna Project for the first time?

I knew it from the day one when it was announced in Synfig Studio forum. I am a big fan of opensource software who enjoying graphics applications. Many years ago, when I read the interview of Synfig Studio creator at, I was interested by Synfig Studio immediately. But for its documents/tutorials were difficult to find out on internet till 2007, and I started learning it via Synfig wiki. And then fell in love with its small but warming community. When digging on Synfig forums, I learned more detials about Morevna Project and was looking for the chances to be involved more or less.

– The vectorization help event was called “competition”, but in pretty fictional way, because there were no awards offered. So what was your main motivation on participating?

As I mentioned above, it is my pleasure to do something for the project. I like to watch cartoon animation movies and hope one day I can produce a short animation clip as well, and I really inspired by the project leader, Konstantin, by his amazing efforts on animation creation with open source tools only. So it is the natural thing to be a participate of this “competition”. And there is another reason for me to participate, but I can’t share it, sorry for that :). Beside these, to experience in real animation production is interesting me as well. And in fact, I got my awards already, I have improved my animation knowledge/skill and got a lot of fun.

– Did you met any problems during competition you would like to tell about?

Not really. The guidelines (documents and video tutorials) prepared by the people behind the project are extremely clear and ease to understand. And the most important, Konstantin always be patient to answer all my questions and correct the mistakes I made in those sif files. I used Synfig Studio on OSX, it crash sometimes, but that is not big deal to me, the app can save some of your work automatically when it crashed and I am one of persons who is used to save his job while working. 🙂

– Do you have any other contributions to Morevna Project besides of vectorization competition event?

Yes, I presented this awesome project server times at some local opensource events and donated some money to it as well. Every one can contribute to it via various ways, you can just simply put in a good work for the project to your friends for example.

– Do you participate in any other interesting projects related with art and animation?

I was a translator involved in some open source projects, And the current Simplified Chinese translation of Synfig Documentation is done by me. I am also an artwork contributor of Synfig Studio – I did some icons in prevous releases. Thanks to Carlos, the leader of project, I, as a person who don’t have experience in coding, can also have tiny contribution to Synfig code.

– Is there anything you would like to say to the authors of Morevna Project or community around it?

It is a great project with great people around it, thanks for their great efforts. Good luck for the project and the people around it!


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