Interview #1 @ FSCONS (Russian)

( читать по-русски | Russian translation )

Hi! Here’s another post for our Russian-speaking audience. This is my interview given to Julia Velkova at FSCONS in the day right after the release of Morevna Project Demo. It turned out to be “anything-going” talk about Synfig, opensource, animation and of course Morevna Project.

Download (ogg, 61 MB)

Our English-speaking audience shouldn’t get offended – there was another interview at FSCONS given to Kenneth Frantzen, so apparently it is going to appear on All In IT Radio and Hacker Public Radio at some moment. Stay tuned!

EDIT: The second interview is now available here –

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  1. Супер! Было прекрасно услышать всё это. Надеюсь, что в этом году смогу взяться за СинФиг.

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