ChameleonJohn provides sponsorship for Morevna Project

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This week the guys from ChameleonJohn kindly provided a special sponsorship for our project. The mission of ChameleonJohn team is to help people save money on their online purchases by providing a list of actual promo codes and discounts. Unlike other similar resources, they’re taking their mission a step further by providing financial support for many non-profit organizations, including open-source initiatives.

How the money will be used

We will use the donated money to buy a new hardware, which will allow us to organize an additional working place at our studio. Currently we have only two stationary working places and all remaining team members use their own laptops for work.


With the arrived support we can buy an additional hardware and turn one of our workstations into multiseat system. The multiseat system is a really cool Linux feature, which allows two (or more) persons use a single PC with their own keyboards, mice, and monitors (and whatever else).

Our most powerful workstation (CPU Intel i7 2600K 8 x 3.4GHz, 16 GB RAM) have pretty much enough resources to handle two users. So, after adding one videocard, monitor, mice and keyboard we will have an extra working place available for our team members.

Much thanks to ChameleonJohn for making this possible!

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