Sponsorship from Travel-Ticker.com

travel tickerI am happy to announce that our project just received a sponsorship from Travel-Ticker.com! “Travel Ticker” is an U.S. based travel deals website, they are running a campaign to help non-profits and giving one-time donations for various causes. As part of this campaign they kindly supported our project.

Travel-Ticker Website
Travel-Ticker Website

How the money will be used

With this sponsorship we can hire one additional animator to help us with the project on part-time basis for one month. So, in January Denis Kholodilin joins us to work on the upcoming episode of Marya Morevna series.

Last few months Denis Kholodilin was working with Nikolai Mamashev on the commercial project as a Blender animator and also helping us by doing some documentary photos and all camera work for our crowdfunding pitch video. Needless to say, that Denis is a big fan of our project from its very beginning – he was contributing to the production of Morevna Demo back then in 2008. And now he will be working as Synfig animator for the new episode.

Much thanks to Travel-Ticker.com for making this possible!

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