January 2021 donations:

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Git repository

BTW, we have set up a git repository for the project. It is currently in private mode, but if someone wants to get access, feel free to contact us.

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Slavic Paganism

Just found amazing resource dedicated to slavic paganism. Honestly, for me, grown in Russia, this reading was full of discoveries. Just two quotes: Koshchei. Koshchei the Deathless for his supposed invulnerability; noted for being the abductor of beautiful princesses. He is a powerful wizard or

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Messing with particles again

Yesterday, stumbled upon nasty bug in blender 2.48(a). Explode modifier behaves really differently comparing to 2.47. This is the simple example file: You can see what the parts of exploded object detached not only from object itself, but also from nearest area (which is 1,5-2

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Storyboard update

Finally managed to incorporate latest changes into demo storyboard paper. We left numbers of the existing scenes untouched and as result numbering across the storyboard became a little inconsistent. It is handy to refer to shots by numbers – each shot in separate directory with

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Jitter rotation fixed in Synfig

Yesterday, genete and dooglus worked on the ugly rotation bug in Synfig and today finally fixed it! This bug was considered as a blocker for us and that fix making me especially happy. Just compare by yourself: Before: rotation-before.avi (0,6 Mb) After: rotation-after.avi (1,3 Mb)

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Demo snapshot: September 2008

There is not much changes in this snapshot, except the one most noticeable. Yes, my bad, we violated the storyboard. 🙂 But changes worths that – at the start we need to properly introduce antagonist forces and make them more “uniform” at the same time.

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Drawing Ivan’s head (front)

Here’s a little guide-list for Ivan’s head proportions. You may notice, what I made hairs less curly comparing to previous layout. It looks better for my taste. Also, I followed Banor’s suggestion and removed the sharp chin. This little video demonstrates some parts of the

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Demo snapshot: August 2008

Another (slightly delayed) monthly snapshot. We finally managed to get rid of terrible color distortions, produced by some video encoders. That was achieved by directly encoding from blender built with ffmpeg support. Footage we render as png image sequence. Summer is over. Project is going

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