The choice is made

After two weeks of trying, searching and discussions the keyframer artist is finally chosen. This will be Nikolay Mamashev – he is ready to redraw all keyframes of Morevna Project Demo in two months. Decision is final and won’t be changed. Congratulations! ^_^

Personally I’m glad about this choice, because I know Nikolay as very responsible and dedicated person (we have worked together on some commercial projects). He have great skills in drawing as well as in vectorization and animation – which means he knows all the guts. Another good thing is that he is living in the nearby town and we will be able to work in direct contact, not purely online only. Finally, he is also a big fan of anime and have a strong faith in Morevna’s future. We are still waiting for his Cintiq tablet to arrive and after that he will be ready to start the work.

Also, we will need a support from the community to pay for his work. I’m going to start fundraising campaign next week and I really hope it will success. All preparations will definitely take some time. See you next week!

(r)Evolution of Morevna. Artwork by Nikolay Mamashev.

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