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Keyframes production sheet (25.03.2012)

Here’s one more week passed by. For some reasons this was a kind of hard week.

From one side the non-stop-drawing mode starting to tell – as result of psychological exhausting the process turns into routine and drawings get looking dull and unfacy loosing their creative tune. At the beginning of passed week we have spend a lot of efforts to overcome this aspect, to “refresh” our vision and our minds. Much help in that we got from watching the Gainax artbooks, especially the “Groundworks of Evangelion” – which is like our “Bible”. Watching those works we always get a high impact to recreate our inspiration and get drawings done with a “right” feeling.

On the other side, the time limits don’t allows us spend too much time on “refreshing” and polishing each drawing. Of course there’s always a chance to extend the deadline and put more efforts into drawing, polishing… But there is a danger that during the longer period of drawing artist will grow his skills to the level when his “last” drawings will significantly surpass his”first” drawings. And in this case he will need to get back to his “first” drawing and do rework again and the process end up in nowhere. That’s why I don’t want to dedicate more than 2 months for keyframes drawing. There’s also another reason – we need to learn to draw fast. From my experience the amount of time spent on picture and the quality of picture isn’t strongly correlated. The mos exciting images come out quick like a sparkles, but sometimes we can spend many hours on an image and get an awful result. So if we want to survive we need to draw fast and working on our current deadlines is an only way to learn that.

As I’ve said this was a hard week. We’ve hit some action scenes which are consumed much of our efforts and we often leave unsatisfied with the result we got. But I know that we just need go through and overcome this period, I know that will lead us to the next level, to the second breath. Maybe it’s just around the corner. Just keep working hard. So, enough of rants, back to work!

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the latest drawings page. ^__^

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