Drawing, drawing, drawing…

One image instead of thousand words.

Keyframes production sheet (18.03.2012)

And everyone knows that I love posting “work-in-progress” drafts. ^__^

For finished keyframes please see watch the recent images page at our wiki. Cheers!

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  1. The wiki link at the bottom of the article doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

    The pictures here look absolutely stunning though!

  2. which drawing tablet did you guys get?

    Im looking at getting a monoprice one…

  3. Hi, babyturtlefilms!

    We are using two types of tablets.

    First is Lenovo X220t convertible tablet (it’s laptop with wacom tablet integrated into screen) – http://tinyurl.com/7723tww
    If you can shop in US, you can get a great discount on shop.lenovo.com. Also, if you order through http://www.marketplace.mastercard.com/ you can save additional 10% (that’s how I have got it).
    You can get very powerful i7-based tablet there, which is suitable for painting and which is able to run Synfig smooth enough. And it’s 100% linux-compatible.

    Though, I should warn – there is one BAD THING about this tablet. It’ have damn significant miscalibration around the edges of screen.
    See long discussion here – http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Does-anyone-have-x220t-pen-working-properly-on-edges/td-p/454883
    Lenovo provided the fix for that issue, but I haven’t noticed much difference after applying it. To be honest this can be considered as significant DEFECT for this kind of product. On the other hand for such price I haven’t found anything with equal characteristics. And I not draw much around the edges. But it’s still DEFECTIVE MODEL. I strongly advice to try this tablet somewhere at shop before you buy it – to see if this defect cause much troubles for you.

    Second type of tablet is 15-inch Wacom Cintiq PL550 monitor. Its an early model of Wacom Cintiq, supporting only 1024×768 but still great for work. You can find such used ones sold pretty cheap at E-bay. Though, as a used ones, they are often have a few dead pixels (even if seller claims opposite). there’s also chance to get damaged tablet (I’ve had a “luck” to get one). So, be warned.

  4. Konstantin, thanks a lot for the detailed reply, it helps me a lot! (Im sure others as well).

    I have always been “OK” at drawing, and I want to take my drawing to the next level and improve… I was looking around internet for more advanced tutorials etc.. found some really good free ones..

    I want to share with you guys, maybe you will also enjoy it.


    This guys technique is very interesting , especially to watch in slow motion.

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