Drawing, drawing, drawing…

One image instead of thousand words.

Keyframes production sheet (18.03.2012)

And everyone knows that I love posting “work-in-progress” drafts. ^__^

For finished keyframes please see watch the recent images page at our wiki. Cheers!

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7 Responses

  1. which drawing tablet did you guys get?

    Im looking at getting a monoprice one…

  2. Hi, babyturtlefilms!

    We are using two types of tablets.

    First is Lenovo X220t convertible tablet (it’s laptop with wacom tablet integrated into screen) – http://tinyurl.com/7723tww
    If you can shop in US, you can get a great discount on shop.lenovo.com. Also, if you order through http://www.marketplace.mastercard.com/ you can save additional 10% (that’s how I have got it).
    You can get very powerful i7-based tablet there, which is suitable for painting and which is able to run Synfig smooth enough. And it’s 100% linux-compatible.

    Though, I should warn – there is one BAD THING about this tablet. It’ have damn significant miscalibration around the edges of screen.
    See long discussion here – http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Does-anyone-have-x220t-pen-working-properly-on-edges/td-p/454883
    Lenovo provided the fix for that issue, but I haven’t noticed much difference after applying it. To be honest this can be considered as significant DEFECT for this kind of product. On the other hand for such price I haven’t found anything with equal characteristics. And I not draw much around the edges. But it’s still DEFECTIVE MODEL. I strongly advice to try this tablet somewhere at shop before you buy it – to see if this defect cause much troubles for you.

    Second type of tablet is 15-inch Wacom Cintiq PL550 monitor. Its an early model of Wacom Cintiq, supporting only 1024×768 but still great for work. You can find such used ones sold pretty cheap at E-bay. Though, as a used ones, they are often have a few dead pixels (even if seller claims opposite). there’s also chance to get damaged tablet (I’ve had a “luck” to get one). So, be warned.

  3. Konstantin, thanks a lot for the detailed reply, it helps me a lot! (Im sure others as well).

    I have always been “OK” at drawing, and I want to take my drawing to the next level and improve… I was looking around internet for more advanced tutorials etc.. found some really good free ones..

    I want to share with you guys, maybe you will also enjoy it.


    This guys technique is very interesting , especially to watch in slow motion.

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