OK, the main event of this week is the official launch of donations campaign. It took much of my time to prepare it, but I think it worth the efforts.

With that event the project enters new phase – keyframes drawing – and since the 1st of March Nikolay is working on them. And here’s some results.

Shot 51 - Morevna KF1 - WIP
Shot 51 - Morevna KF1 - No Shadow
Shot 51 - Morevna KF1
Shot 51 - Ivan KF1 - WIP
Shot 51 - Ivan KF1 - No shadow
Shot 51 - Ivan KF1

Also, to celebrate the beginning of the new phase of the project we decided to update our website theme with the new banner to better fit with current status of the project. Nikolay quickly made some cool artwork and now you can see the result (you may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes). Goodbye, old theme!

We was so excited with new artwork so after playing with new banner we accidentally got a new wallpaper done.

Morevna Project Wallpaper #2 (1920x1080)

That’s all stuff for today. Stay tuned – the next week is going to be hot!


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2 Responses

  1. I send you a email with the download link for the soldier.

    there are some issues with the mesh, because the original one still be low-poly an its topology is just not full recomended for production.

    this is the look of the soldier without subdivisions:

    and this with subdivisions (the original topology cause some issues in the final shape of the mesh):

    re-make the topology and add density to the mesh will cause some hard work issues for the armature-mesh deform for sure XD


  2. Hi, Erik!
    This looks great! I like the version without subdivisions. ^_^
    I will need some to play with the model and make some modifications.
    Thank you! ^__^

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