October 2021 donations:

$127 from 43 awesome people

How to install


Unpack downloaded zip archive and run “renderchan-cli.bat”.

It will open console window where you can run “renderchan” command with appropriate arguments. You can also drag files into console window to avoid entering long paths.

It is important to note that RenderChan package is expecting Blender/Synfig/Krita (or other supported animation software) installed into default locations. But if you have installed it into some other path, then you can edit relevant TXT files in “env” directory.


Required dependencies:

  • git
  • python3
  • python3-sqlite

Open terminal and run the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/morevnaproject/RenderChan.git $HOME/renderchan
echo "export PATH=\"\$HOME/renderchan/bin/:\$PATH\"" >> $HOME/.bash_profile

After that you need to re-login and then you can use “renderchan” command in the console.

To update for the latest version run the following:

cd $HOME/renderchan
git fetch
git reset --hard master