How to install

RenderChan is currently works on Linux only. This page describes how to install the latest development version for current user.

Required dependencies:

  • git
  • python3
  • python3-sqlite

Open terminal and run the following commands:

git clone $HOME/renderchan
echo "export PATH=\"\$HOME/renderchan/bin/:\$PATH\"" >> $HOME/.bash_profile

After that you need to re-login and then you can use “renderchan” command in the console.

To update for the latest version run the following:

cd $HOME/renderchan
git fetch
git reset --hard master


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  3. There seems to be an error in both commands: I receive a bash error: bash: Syntaxfehler beim unerwarteten Wort »;&« (in english: syntax error on unexpected word »;&«). Could you please check your command proposal ?

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