Production progress and plans

Hi everyone! Here is a quick update about our production status.

We’ve got a delay with voicing of Pepper&Carrot Episode 3, as some voice actors are on vacation. So we decided to extend our “Name in the Credits” campaign till August 28 to allow more people get their name listed in the credits of the upcoming episode (there are 7 positions remaining at current moment).

It is possible that we will release some kind of intermediate preview of Episode 3 this month to show you how the episode will look like.

Now a few words about our nearest plans. 

In this month we are wrapping up our works on Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic and preparing to focus on production of Morevna Episode 2 in September. 

Thus, in August we aim to finish all animation works for episodes 3 and 4 of Pepper&Carrot + do as much as possible for animation of episode 13. 

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work remaining for episode 13 and it is clear that we will not be able to complete it in August. At the same time, our budget for Pepper&Carrot gets exceeded by 1st of September, so we had to put its production on pause. This is actually good as an opportunity to pay attention to other our projects – i.e. Morevna Anime. 

Thanks to those months of production of Pepper&Carrot, we have built a small, but strong team which can handle a full cycle of 2D animation production, with all necessary skills to handle Morevna Anime production.

By this moment we have 4 members in our core team who are hired to work on a project for full time:

  • Konstantin Dmitriev (me) as Project Head, Production Manager and Director.
  • Anastasia Mayzhegisheva as Production Manager, Director, Krita/Synfig/OpenToonz Animation Artist.
  • Stanislav Kholodilin as Production Manager, Director, Blender Animation Artist, Translation Maintainer.
  • Anastasia Nelyubina as Krita/Synfig Animation Artist.

So, Pepper&Carrot project played a very important role for the whole studio and I appreciate so much to everyone who have gently “pushed” us to step in this production. I am sure we will get back to this project at some point. Also, there is a chance that some scenes of episode 13 will be done by our students, who are learning animation on a workshops at our studio, so don’t get surprised if you will see updates about it in our social media feeds.

That’s all for today!

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