Cut-out animation in Blender – Lesson 1

This is a first lesson of our upcoming video training course – “Cut-out animation in Blender”.

In the full course you will learn how to use Blender open-source software to create animation in the same technique, as it was used for creating Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic. With this knowledge you will be able to animate any image and create your own motion comic.

The full course will have 5 lessons and will become available in March 2018 for everyone who have claimed relevant reward in our crowdfunding campaign.You can preorder your copy by contributing to our campaign here.

Resources of this lesson:

Additional resources:


  • Written and recorded by Stas Kholodilin.
  • English translation by Stas Kholodilin, Connor Deptuck.

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  1. Hello, right now i am only interested in the 2d aspect of blender i hope to create shorts clips from this, what system requirements would you recommend for a good job.

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