Anima Pack – Character animation toolkit for Blender

Today I would like to introduce you a project made by my friends – “Anima Pack”.

Anima Pack is a collection of character animations (actions) for using with famous character template CG Cookie Flex Rig. This pack allows easily create simple animated videos with animated characters. Also, it can be used to help newbies learn how to make character animations in Blender.

You can download Anima Pack absolutely for free – just enter “0” (zero) in the “Price” field!

Download Anima Pack

As I mentioned in the beginning, this project is made by my friends – Victor Nikitin and Daria Nikitina. In the past (from 2013 till 2017) we’ve been collaborating on creating simple educational animations. Of course, we used open-source animation tools – Blender and Synfig.

Below you can see a piece of our work (the first half is actually a good example of what you can do with Anima Pack) –

Thanks to this collaboration I have learned how to make stereoscopic animation, developed an improved lipsync addon for Blender and did a complete re-write of RenderChan in Python (previously it was called Remake and was written in Bash). You can read more details about that in this special post.

When creating character animation for those educational videos we have been using CG Cookie FlexRig and as result we have produced a big collection of animation “actions”. Recently Victor and Daria decided to make another contribution to open-source animation and started publishing those actions for free. This is how Anima Pack was born.

Currently, Anima Pack includes over 60 actions and there are more waiting for publication (it takes time to extract animations from project and prepare for publication). You can follow their blog for updates.

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