Morevna: Open-Source Anime (Episode 4)

A futuristic sci-fi anime series based on traditional Russian fairy-tale and created with open-source software.

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Q: Where are the first two episodes?

A: The first two episodes are not released yet, as we are releasing episodes out of order. This is intentional decision.

Q: In which language the final movie is going to be?

A: The final movie will be released in English and Russian.

Q: How many episodes are planned?

A: The full screenplay is written for 9 episodes.

Q: It looks like you also have an account on Patreon?

A: Yes, we have an account at Patreon, which helps us to continuously work on the project. Unfortunately, currently the funding coming from Patreon is not enough to  get a paid artist like Nikolai working on the project on regular basis. So we decided to take a leap and run this crowdfunding campaign.

Q: What if campaign will not reach its goal before deadline?

This is “keep-it-all” campaign type, which means whether the goal reached or not we keeping the entire amount raised. The collected funds will be used to fulfill rewards and push the production forward. Since the goal of campaign is to bring Nikolai Mamashev to work on the new episode, then the percentage towards the goal will determine if he is going to be involved (minimum value of $1000), the amount of his participation (anything above the minimum value) or his 100% involvement (goal reached). See details about this decision here.

Q: I like the project, but I have no money contribute. Are there any other ways to help?

A: Of course there is! Morevna Project is heavily relies on community support from all around the world. Please check this special page about the possible ways to help the project.

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Hello! My name is Konstantin Dmitriev and I am running this campaign to create a new episode of “Morevna” animated series.

What is "Morevna"

“Morevna” animated series is based on the traditional Russian fairy tale “Marya Morevna” (also known as “The Death of Koschei the Deathless”).

In the original story a brave prince, Ivan Tsarevich, meets a beautiful princess, Marya Morevna, and they fall in love with each other. But Ivan makes a terrible mistake and accidentally unleashes an evil wizard, Koschei the Deathless. Koschei kidnaps Marya Morevna and Ivan has to go through a many dangers to rescue her.

This is a fairy-tale full of horse chases, magical transformations, crazy twists and incredible creatures from Russian folklore. If you never heard of it before, then I am highly recommend to read it here.

The goal of our project is to present events of the traditional Russian fairy tale in a futuristic sci-fi setting.

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The action takes place in the distant future. This is a world of technology, where horses are replaced by bikes and cars, the main protagonist Ivan Tsarevich turns into a talented mechanic, Marya Morevna is a biker queen who handles a samurai sword like nobody’s business, and Koschei is more immortal and evil than ever – as he is a battle robot!

The general story line remains the same, but the new setting dictates its own rules and we did our best to fulfill those demands by developing new dimensions of the plot and revealing its new depths. We would like to bring this story to you in a completely new light, as never seen before.

Our team has already released one episode. You can watch it below.

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Select language: English | Russian | French

Now we are working on the next episode and I invite you to support our efforts by contributing to this crowdfunding campaign.

Production specifics

All animation of “Morevna” series is created with free/open-source software only. For the new episode we will use following tools:









The new episode of Morevna (just like a previous one and all subsequent) will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. That means you can freely watch and re-distribute it.


We also provide all of the source files under the same license, so you can re-use, modify and learn without limitations. It’s all yours.

Web-interface of our sources repository.

Our team

Konstantin Dmitriev

Director, Screenwriter, Animator

Anastasia Mayzhegisheva

Lead artist

Stas Kholodilin

Animator, Sound designer

Ivan Mahonin




Why crowdfunding

Our team is working hard to bring you the new episode of Morevna. We already have animatic and draft artwork ready. Now we proceeding to animation stage.

Unfortunately, our resources are limited and the progress is not that fast as we wish. So, we decided to take a leap and invite Nikolai Mamashev to join us as lead animator.

Nikolai is a talented artist who has lots of experience working with open-source tools and has deep knowledge of our production pipelines.

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Select language: English | Russian | French

It is possible you are already familiar with his work, as he was the one who animated the Pepper & Carrot motion comic.

The funds collected in this crowdfunding campaign will allow us to hire Nikolai to work as a lead animator on new episode of Morevna.

Well, that’s how it is! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments tab of this page. And remember: our chances for success highly increase if you make some noise about our campaign! Together we can make this happen! Thank you!

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