Production Report #18: First results of Nikolai’s work

Our production is in full swing and now is the time for the first report in this year! And this report is special, because it is written by me – the main artist of the project Anastasia Mayzhegisheva. This is my first report, please wish me good luck! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

You’ve probably heard about our fundraising campaign for the new episode. Just recently it is reached the mark has reached $ 1000, which means that Nikolai Mamashev (who is famous for the Pepper and Carrot Motion Comic) started working on a new episode!°˖✧

And in this report I want to share the first results.

In the new episode there are many scenes where our protagonist (Ivan Tsarevich) drives his beloved car. And, in order to simplify the process of animating the car, we decided to use 3D technologies.

Perhaps someone remembers that we already had one model, created many years ago, but Nikolai wanted to contribute something of his own and eventually the team decided to rework the concept of machine completely. So, Nikolay began his work on this episode with the creation of Ivan’s car 3D model.

By this moment, Nikolai has already sketched a quick concept and created a draft low-poly model.

Now he is working on a final high-poly model. As soon as it is finished, we will immediately publish it for free download! \(^ヮ^)/

If our crowdfunding campaign will be successful, then Nikolai will also make a 3D model for Koshchey (the main villain) and we will also publish it in free access.

Concept of Koschey by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva

And now a little about how we organize the production of a new episode. Our team is growing and our shiny emperor… ahem… I mean “director” – Konstantin Dmitriev – got puzzled on how to manage us all more effectively. After a long search and testing, he decided to utilize the Trello platform. Now all production tasks and assignments are handled there.

Each team member has a separate column. Column has a list of cards in particular order. Each card is a scene from the project. Each card has an picture attached – a preview of scene. This makes it easy to see what each card (scene) is about and what its status. In this way, everyone can easily see which scenes (tasks) are assigned to him and which one he should work in first place.

And Konstantin is also now can easily see how everyone in the team is loaded. See how happy he is!

In relation to that, there is a new award now available in our crowdfunding campaign – it allows you to get access to our Trello page to follow all activities of our production.

What else did we got from the news? Ah, yes! Many people like to watch TV, but they like even more when someone talks about them on TV. And we are no exception! Most recently, the popular Russian animated TV channel 2×2 featured our project and our crowdfunding campaign in their “Animation News” show. This is very nice indeed! The recording is available below. (╯✧▽✧)╯

And of course, I can’t imagine a report without some screenshots from our production. Here they are!

Well, that’s all for today! It was interesting to write it and I hope that it turned out to be interesting for you too! See you soon! °˖✧ (〃^▽^〃) ✧˖°


Our work is possible thanks to awesome people who supporting our project with a monthly donations through Patreon platform. Thanks to their support we can continuously dedicate our time to this project and bring you more interesting and useful stuff!

My special thanks to our new sponsors:

Nathan Stefan, Raúl Ciudad

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