Pepper & Carrot MOTION COMIC

Episode 6: The Potion contest

“Pepper & Carrot” is a story about young witch Pepper and her cat Carrot, originally created by French artist David Revoy. In this episode Pepper goes to Komona island to participate in the Potion Contest. Of course she spent a lot of effort to prepare the best potion ever and ready to meet the strongest rivals. What can go wrong here?

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This work is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license. You are free to  share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (remix, transform) this work for any purpose, even commercially as long as you comply to licensing terms.


Made with free software


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French version by Touhoppai fan-dub team
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Russian fandub by “3df voice” studio

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This work is produced as Open-source film and complies to Ethic Cinema concept.
All sources are available for download and modification under the same license, as the work itself (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0).

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In the Dub Pack you will get all audio separated into tracks, so you can easily edit/replace any part of it. Use this to create a dubbed version in your native language or do any other sound-related modifications – alternative music, sound effects, etc.

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Original artwork and story by
David Revoy

Directed by
Nikolai Mamashev

David Revoy
Nikolai Mamashev
Anna Erogova
Victoria Popova

Nikolai Mamashev

Rigging assistant
Stas Kholodilin

Cast (English)
Pepper – Elena Simanovich
Mayor – Mikhail Krivov
Saffron – Maria Bondarenko
Shichimi – Olga Matskevich
Coriander – Kira Kovalyova
Narrator – Alexander Filchenko
Carrot – Nikolai Mamashev

Cast (Russian)
Pepper – Samantha Faye Ignacio
Mayor – Duffy Weber
Saffron – Ariel Hancock
Shichimi – Marielena Alcaraz
Coriander – Ariel Hancock
Narrator – Duffy Weber
Carrot – Nikolai Mamashev

Music by
Grégoire Lourme

Sound design
Stas Kholodilin

Sound director
Alexander Filchenko

Mixed at the dubbing studio of
Reanimedia Ltd.

Production manager
Konstantin Dmitriev



Sound FX

provided by

 “Glass on Glass 10.wav” by potentjello,
“Huge Footsteps.wav” by kwahmah_02,
“whoosh07.wav”, “whoosh04.wav” by FreqMan,
“Gong Hit” by GowlerMusic,
“whoosh.wav” by Benboncan,
“Water on Burner.WAV” by leswagcupcakes,
“applause_5sec_2.wav” by m1rk0,
“Applause 11 (Very Long).mp3” by FunWithSound,
“Rumbling Rocky sound” by Opsaaaaa,
“Monster.wav” by Sea Fury,
“polite_applause_01.wav” by joedeshon,
“ZombieSequence.wav” by iSaria,
“Whoosh_Electric_01.wav” by LittleRobotSoundFactory,
“Theater Chatter” by edhutschek,
“ARiggs_FootstepsWoodFloor_4.2.14.wav” by AudioRiggs,
“Fireworks Single Shots” by unfa,
“Aspirin in water” by loreamon,

“lightning.mp3”, “Terror_attack.mp3” by Taira Komori,
“Water_Drops.wav” by kMoon,
“Very Long Rainy Woosh Fx” by gerainsan,
“Whoosh! There it is!” by Spennnyyy,
“panic.wav” by Erdie,
“Metalliputket kilisevät, helisevät / Small metal tubes, chimes, a short tinkle, like fairy dust, magic, sparkle”, “Räjähdys, kallio räjäytetään / Explosion, a rock blasting, stones pattering, mix” by YleArkisto,
“cartoon_chicken.wav” by shawshank73,
“scratch002.wav” by NoiseCollector,
“electric zap.aiff” by benjaminharveydesign,
“canda geese.wav” by keweldog,
“Vinyl Backspin and  Beat Scratch.wav” by ZeSoundResearchInc.,
“bubble1.wav” by Godowan,
“human male scream small crowd panic fear.mp3” by JohnsonBrandEditing,
“water_pouring_light” by audiolarx,

 “The crash.wav” by sandyrb,
“Firework: Single rocket” by Kinoton,
“Hang Man’s Rope” by jergonda,
“Crowd Cheering” by SoundsExciting,
“Footsteps_6_Dirt_shoe.wav” by monte32,
“Whoosh_1.wav” by speedygonzo,
“water_bottle_fill.wav”, “flasks.mp3”, “water_bottle_pour_out.wav” by j1987,
“Whoosh.wav” by ztrees1,
“01-30 Footsteps, Wood, Barefoot, Running 2.wav” by SpliceSound,
“Cymbal Swish Short.wav” by markgia,
“Monster Screaming in a Cave”, “Magic Wand Glitter” by qubodup,
“15.wav” by adcbicycle,
“Whoosh” by Natty23,
“Crowd at concert.wav”, “Whoosh.wav”, “Crowd Boo.wav”, “Knock_5.wav” by Adam_N.

This animation is based on open-source web-comic “Pepper & Carrot” created by French artist David Revoy. You can watch original work and more episodes on his website.

"That's an ultimate fan-art piece and I'm blushing only at thinking about this present."
David Revoy

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