How to build sources of Morevna Episode 3

Here you will find instructions on how to work with sources of Morevna Episode 3.

Downloading sources

To get a complete sources archive, navigate to our sources repository, and take a look at the projects list on the left sidebar. Right-click on “morevna-episode-3.0” and choose “Download” from menu.


After unpacking downloaded archive you can try to open animation .sif files, but you will see that most of them have a lot of image layers missing. This is because sources archive does not contains rendered data. So, you need to rebuild it using RenderCan tool.

Why rendering data is missing in animation files?
Most of artwork for animation is created using Krita graphic editor, which is uses KRA file format to store layered images. Animation is made in Synfig, which cannot import KRA files. So,  KRA files are be converted to PNG and then imported into Synfig.

The same happens with  Blender Video Editor: Blender cannot import Synfig animation files directly. So, Synfig files are converted to AVI files and then inserted into Blender.

With our automated build system we do not need to keep intermediate PNG and AVI files in the archive – they can be rebuilt automatically by user any time.

Please note: At the moment rebuilding is only possible on Linux system.


To rebuild the rendered data you need the following software installed:

Make sure to have all mentioned tools are available in your system PATH.

Rendering dependencies

To rebuild all dependent files for particular file just call the following command from terminal window:

renderchan --deps FILE

For example, here is how to build rendering data for shot 001:

renderchan --deps ~/morevna-ep3/001/001.sifz
Note: It is assumed the sources unpacked into “~/morevna-ep3/” directory.

Rebuild rendering data for video editing file:

renderchan --deps ~/morevna-ep3/ep03-v15-edit.blend
The latest example will take a while, because it renders all animations involved into video editing sequence.

By the way, you might notice there are two video sequence files in the project:

  • ep03-v15-edit.blend – final mix with all sound levels set.
  • ep03-v14-edit.blend – unmixed version, just for your reference regarding sources of sound fx, music tracks and other staff. Also includes draft voicing (two last hidden tracks).

Rendering animation

With RenderChan automated build system it is also possible to render any file in the project. Just use it without “–deps” option:

renderchan FILE

For example:

renderchan ~/morevna-ep3/001/001.sifz

will render all dependencies for shot 001 and then render it into AVI file. The result will be placed in “~/morevna-ep3/render/001/001.sifz.avi”.

In the same way you can render full video sequence:

renderchan ~/morevna-ep3/ep03-v15-edit.blend

This might take significant time, because it will render all dependent animation files if they aren’t rendered yet (or their rendering is not up to date).

By default the rendering will be made for 480×270 output resolution. Working with this draft resolution allows to save time when doing multiple re-renderings (this is an often case for intensive work). In this mode the dimensions of source artwork images are reduced, this is why some images might appear blurry.

For the final output you can use “–profile” option to choos different resolution profile:

renderchan --profile hd ~/morevna-ep3/ep03-v15-edit.blend

For the full list of profiles and their options check “~/morevna-ep3/project.conf” file.

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