Production continued

Hi everyone! Just want to let you know that we are back to production as usual!

In the past month I have completely reorganized our funding infrastructure and now our team members can get paid again, which means we now continue working as before. Also, we are able to accept donations, but things are organized a bit differently now – I will write more about that in a separate post soon. For now just want to let you know that everything is alright and our team continues the work. Much thanks to everyone who supported us in that period!

Also, I have used this short break in production as an opportunity to move our web infrastructure to a more powerful server. As a result, we’ve got improved stability and our web services should perform notably faster now.

In April and May our main focus will be to complete Episode 3 and Episode 4 of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic.

Thanks again to everyone and stay tuned for more news!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out this fresh timelapse from yesterday’s work session ^__^ –

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