Morevna Project now has a page at OpenCollective

I have set up a page at OpenCollective to accept one-time donations for Morevna Project –

The OpenCollective platform provides infrastructure for accepting donations and also acts as transparent ledger – that means everyone can see where the money come from, how much money collected and how they are spent.

Sponsorship from Travel Ticker

Morevna Project just received a $400 sponsorship from “Travel Ticker” hotel booking website! This is already a second sponsorship from this company – previous one was received in January this year. This time the money will be used to pay our hired developer Ivan Mahonin for fixing bugs and improving stability of Synfig Studio (which is […]

Sponsorship from

I am happy to announce that our project just received a sponsorship from! “Travel Ticker” is an U.S. based travel deals website, they are running a campaign to help non-profits and giving one-time donations for various causes. As part of this campaign they kindly supported our project. How the money will be used With […]

ChameleonJohn provides sponsorship for Morevna Project

This week the guys from ChameleonJohn kindly provided a special sponsorship for our project. The mission of ChameleonJohn team is to help people save money on their online purchases by providing a list of actual promo codes and discounts. Unlike other similar resources, they’re taking their mission a step further by providing financial support for […]

Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Suddenly I’ve got a letter from Shuttleworth Foundation: CONGRATULATIONS! You have been nominated by Jonas Öberg to receive a Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant to work on your projects. … We tasked our Fellows to seek out and nominate an impressive change agent, who may not be able to […]