How to effectively filter free music on Jamendo

So you are searching for free, non-restricted music on Jamendo. If you look at the “Advanced search” options, you will notice that default dropdown list allows to choose “Attribution” and “Attribution-ShareAlike” licenses separately.


But in general case I want both (and I want to avoid the NonCommercial / NonDerivatives ones). Of course you can run separate searches, but this is not comfortable. Luckily, there is a trick:

  1. Write your search keywords and choose “Attribution – ShareAlike” license in the advanced options. Hit the search button to show the results.
  2. Look at the URL entry in your browser. You will see it contains the string like “qs=fq=license_cc:(sa AND -nd AND -nc)”. Replace it with the following: “qs=fq=license_cc:(-nd AND -nc)”. Hit Enter.
  3. Voila! The results of your search will include both “Attribution” and “Attribution-ShareAlike” licenses.


UPDATE: Actually, there is a nice online tool that does exactly as described in article, but for many other services –

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  1. By the way, is there some method to filter out artists whose discography is only partially free? For example, artists that have one album under CC-By and the next under CC-By-NC – chances are high that the CC-By album was mistagged, as it has already happened to me once.

  2. I see what you mean. It looks like the only simple way is to stick with the tracks listed on the search page results.

    I guess for that purpose it is possible to implement some third-party browsing interface utilizing the Jamendo API. But that’s surely not simple. ^__^

  3. It didn’t work anymore the way you’re saying.They made up a full new interface where there is no “license” box,I don’t now how to do it now…

    1. Hello Mark! Everything seems to work as usual. Please click at the “Advanced search” text, right under the search entry – then you can choose the license.

  4. Doesn’t work anymore. No advanced search option either. Apparently they’re more interested in getting paid licensing fees for CC licensed music that is already probably permissive enough for the searcher than having a decent search feature.

    1. Yes, unfortunately Jamendo do not providing search capabilities anymore. Probably, it is possible to write a custom search interface utilizing their API (, but I had no time to dig into that.

      I was searching if someone already implemented such thing and found this –
      Demo –

      It does have advanced search, but doesn’t allow to search by license. I guess this could be improved, since it’s an opensource thing.

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