Plugins feature in Synfig Studio

We was so excited by our stickman merge tool, that we decided to integrate this feature directly into Synfig Studio. As result, we have made some trivial plugin system that allows to run python scripts for current document right from Synfig menu. Very simple, but hey! – it’s effective.

Here’s some explanation video:

People often write some scripts to make useful things on Synfig (sif) files. The most of these scripts are written in python. But for ordinary users running custom scripts from terminal is tricky. With plugins feature users can install scripts as easy as they copy files and transparently run them in the same way as they use standard Synfig Studio commands. Also, runing scripts from menu is much faster, than from terminal and it greatly improves the workflow for advanced users. Having this feature allows to easily add simple functions to Synfig Studio by writting scripts in python. Also, maybe the popular scripts could be used by developers as prototypes for functions to be implemented natively.

Synfig Studio builds with plugins support can be found our software page. For more information and source code please refer to this pull request page.

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  3. I can’t get any encapsulation item in synfig studio, plz help me about this

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