Community Call: 3D models of Ivan and Morevna

EDIT: The call is closed. Thank you everyone who participated!

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Attention, Blender artists!

We are looking for volunteer Blender modeller who can make a 3D models of our two main characters – Ivan and Morevna. The models are going to be used be used in the Morevna Project Demo and for reference drawing. And yes, we plan to use them in the next parts of Morevna Project.

Models are expected to be:

We need models finished by the 15th of August. If you are interested, please contact us!

EDIT: Please take a look at this page for some comments on this call and others alternatives to contribute.

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12 Responses to “Community Call: 3D models of Ivan and Morevna”

  1. Gen X Says:

    My demo reel
    Some Models

  2. Chris Says:

    I can help a bit.

  3. abhifx Says:

    you can always use makehuman project and help us in return too :)

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  5. Konstantin Says:

    Hi, abhifx!
    There is a various problems related with MakeHuman usage in our project. First of all, we don’t need such anatomy detailed model – we need a stylized characters. Also there will be a cloth simulation problem, which we want to avoid by any means.
    Finally, MakeHuman have weird mesh license – . I believe it’s not free (as freedom) and for sure it’s not compatible with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

  6. sathish Says:

    hi there,
    iam a 3d modeler i can model your characters, can do UV texturing but cant do rigging… i can also do props modeling if needed…

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