Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 now available in French!

Remember our call for fan-dub posted not so while ago? I am excited to share the first results! Here is a French dub of Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 produced by Touhoppai fan-dub team.

Much thanks to all team members and specially to Olivier Jolly (who is also happens to be our Patron) for doing this work. Really happy to see the first remix and looking forward for more of them!

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3 Responses

    1. Hi! Thank you, I have fixed the broken link and also used this chance to fix other issues. Also I have added cast of official Russian version to credits. For fandubs – we do not add them, as I expect that fandub authors can maintain their own pages.

  1. The dub is fantastic, but it’s really too bad Safron’s lines were cut… It would have been better to reuse one of the voice actors in my opinion. But other than that it is superb!

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