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Interview for LibreGraphicsWorld

Alexandre Prokoudine from LibreGraphicsWorld published an interview with me, where you can read some interesting details, like our plans for voicing in other languages. Interview

Working on shot 70

Quick leak from our working process: Ivan is already got down to the cellar. The ancient evil will be unleashed in the next 99 seconds…

Production Report #9: Thumbnail grid

It’s time for a quick update about the progress! But wait, I have a strong suspicion that some of my readers a bit tired from

Production Report #8: Coloring

In my previous report I have promised a post about our coloring process. And here it comes! The coloring task is not that resource-demanding as

Anastasia makes fun of …

Anastasia Majzhegisheva is working hard on drawing artwork for the new episode of Marya Morevna. But sometimes, when looking through the production files,  I am

Title design

“The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna” is the title of our anime series. Anastasia Majzhegisheva is thinking on its design.

In the cellar (background WIP)

Anastasia Majzhegisheva is working on the background for the cellar locaton. Early drafts of this scene:

Production Report #6: Music choice

Good news! The music choice is done! This time we have 100%-free soundtrack, with compositions from Mattias Westlund, Kevin MacLeod, Olivier Girardot, Per Kiilstofte, Andy