Reanimedia Ltd. will work on the Russian voicing of Morevna

I am excited to announce that we made an agreement with «Reanimedia Ltd.» to produce the Russian voicing for upcoming episode of Morevna series.

Reanimedia logo, a property of «Reanimedia Ltd.» company.

The «Reanimedia Ltd.» is an anime distributor in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic States, working in cooperation with «Reanimedia Japan, Inc.» The main declared objective of the company is to distribute Russian editions of notable anime titles that approach Japanese standards of image quality, packaging and additional materials. The company also works as a publisher and supports local anime festivals, clubs of interest and other anime-related events.

The recording studio of Reanimedia Ltd. is well-known to most anime fans in Russia for the work on dubbing such titles as «Evangelion», «The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya», «Berserk», and many others.

The dubbing activities are planned for January 2016.

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  1. A very important question: under which license will those voices be? Copyrighted? NC? Or Share-Alike?

      1. Great, got me worried for a second when it wasn’t mentioned in the article! Keep it up and never compromise on that (free license) part

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