The Demo is released!

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Here it is! Enjoy, everyone!

The video is provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Download: 960×540 (h.264) | 1920×1080 (h.264) | Torrent (all files)

Say “Thank You”

If you like our work, you can say “Thank You” by paying any amount you want. Your support is much appreciated!

Alternatively, you might want to say “Thank You” directly to developers of Synfig Studio, Blender or GIMP open-source tools. Without them we would never made what we did.

Sources and Licensing

All visual parts and sources (except the music) are licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Music tracks are provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

See sources page for details.

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42 Responses

  1. *Non-commercial*? Wasn’t this project supposed to be free as in freedom? Is there a chance to change the songs before the final release?

  2. *Non-commercial*? Wasn’t this project supposed to be free as in freedom?

    there are diferent levels of freedom.

    you maybe free to use/edit an work but not to change the credits to say you did it, instead of anyone else, to prevent this the by-cc licence is used.

    on windows you are free to play proprietary games, but the same games restrict your freedom to change then, on linux the big majority of the software and games is free(freedom), but, if you want to play proprietary games, you dont have this option since those games arent compatible (maybe with wine you can play)
    So you have to choice wich freedom is more important for you.

    Freedom is always a choice, even if you chose relase your work for free (no cost) and with freedom, you cant control how this decision will afect your pocket.

    unfortunately ideology don’t pay bills, so you have to decide how to live injuring the minimum possible your values.

  3. Well as you said!! this is only the beginning jejeje 😉
    I know that make this possible was a dream come true for you guys! the solidification of a project and this is something that noone can remove you.

    well the great task now is to shared your work with the world! I will do some clicks for sure.


  4. It’s been a long time coming! Congratulations on finishing your demo at last!

  5. Thank you, everyone!

    2 Carlos Solis:
    We did our best to deliver the best experience for the viewer as possible (from our point of view). As director, I believe the music delivers the desired impression and this is our sacrifice to make the release of the demo true. If someone don’t like this he can remove the soundtrack and put their own. All visuals are CC-BY and there’s no problem with that.

  6. The sound track is great, the clip is very good and well done (except some fight parts) but, Demo? that means that is not the final version?

    i was a bit disappointed since i wait 1+ year to this and the final result only have 5 minutes =\

    plus since i didnt had how to donate, i would like to help, but im having trouble to send money to another country..

  7. @nyula

    A short movie is the best you can get with the amount of contributors. Blender Foundation’s shorts have several times as large full-time team, and they are only 2 times longer (also, need twice as little time to produce).

    A large-scale project, such as what folks at Pixar do, involves dozens of employees for all things related to animation, VFX and cutting, and probably hundreds of employees overall, including people who do various inevitable boring things like organization that eats a lot of time.

  8. Great work!

    I think I have heard in this website a thing about releasing your work with tutorials or guide book in a DVD (we would buy it and this can also serve as donation). That will help us to understand how you did this short-film from scratch.

    Are you thinking also about this idea?

  9. I think that it’s very good that you made it non-commercial. I also don’t see why people are saying it’s not free. GPL is also non-commercial.

    About the movie: hats off to the artist, animators, etc. It is at least the level of quality of commercial animation films. Bravo!

  10. And you used the music of one of my favorite artists on Jamendo, Stefano Mocini. Very good choice!

  11. Andrei B., GPL is not noncommercial. GPL has “ShareAlike” conditions (called copyleft in free licenses), but no “NonCommercial” ones.

  12. “Noncommercial” in this context means that those who get a copy have no right to use it commercially, not that copies are given out for free.

    “Free” means that everyone who has a copy can do certain things with it, including redistribution, modification, and commercial use — but “ShareAlike” means that if you give a result of that to somebody else, he also gets those rights.

  13. Hi Guys!!
    From México I would like to say you are superb!! Congratulations. I did like your work. I hope you finally trascend to the complete project, I know it will be a hard task to accomplish, but here you prove you can do it with passion, Would you like to have a little interview for some friends here in México? They are learning animation (using Synfig Studio) and it would be very helpful to them hear from you your own experience doing this animation. Thank you.

  14. @Lego:
    Thank you! We’re considering releasing DVD with some tutorials + Artbook. But preparing such thing definitely will take some time.

    @Andrei B.
    Yes, I really like the works of Stefano Mocini and believe they fit with the Demo. Though, as Aleksej mentioned, the “NonCommercial” is not free “as in freedom”. We really would like to release the final product on the most permissive license, but being a “derivative work” we depend on the music artist decision here.

  15. @ Konstantin Dmitriev
    Perhaps you can start a raising funds for helping you to write a book or very exhaustive tutorials about your work. I say it because I think that Synfig is the only promising free software for 2D animation, and you prove that we can do a good thing with it. Perhaps it is not yet easy to do an animation like yours and your method is always a gas plant method.

    Unlike other big software for CG artist like Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, … we don’t have a book or good tutorials, that can guide a beginner in 2D animation to do animation with this free software and be a pro without taking a lot of time. The existing official documentation is for persons that know what they are doing and already have an experience with another 2D animation software.

    A beginner don’t have a documentation that will help him to go from scratch and use tools of synfig to do a good animation. It will take a lot of time for him to do reconnections between each parts of the official documentation.

  16. @Lego:
    Book/fundraising – yes, I’m considering this. But I should decide between continuing doing morevna / developing Synfig / book writing. It’s impossible to do everything at the same time. ^__^ I’ll announce our plans in the new blog post soon.

    P.S. “developing Synfig” – it means “contributing to Synfig development”. That’s not full development, but takes much time too.

    @Animatoonz Workshop:
    There’s no problem to give you an interview for sure!

  17. @Konstantin Dmitriev again I need to say congratulations for your Morevna Project Demo. And again, I need to ask you if you would accept a little interview for my friends here in México, about your experience in animation using tools like Synfig. Thank you!

  18. You did, it and did it well, Beautiful work !
    In the way to a second screening in South of France the 23th of November at JM2L.


  19. @Konstantin Dmitriev:
    I really appreciate it… Thank you! 😀 Can we set the interview points on the table so we can make it happen? If you can speak english I would like a webcam interview maybe on google+ so I can record the video to show it later to the school in wich we are making conference, and I can send to you the questions (some from the students) so you can make suggestions on how it would be better interview. If that is not possible, well, I’ll be happy anyway to get the interview in written format 😉 Again, thank you! And keep going through on this. DVD, Book, anything on this project would be great.
    Your friend from México: Abraham Corrales.

  20. Choose whichever license you like, but you cannot claim to be a Free Culture project and use non-commercial licenses whatever your blog’s tagline might say.

  21. Are the soundtracks composed with free software? If so, will there be any tutorial? If not, … I think you guys should do it.

    We have Blender Open Movie Project, and we have Morevna Project. They are good but they are all for the graphics. Soundtracks and sound effects are equally important as graphics in a good animations, but I didn’t see any project about that.

  22. It would be good to have a WebM version too (not made of the H.264 version, of course).

  23. Hi, Alexej!

    I didn’t know about such opportunity of retrieving ogg from Jamendo… Dear Jamendo, you are so intuitive!
    Of course I would prefer ogg over mp3. And flac is even better as it’s lossless.

    Sorry, rendering directly to WebM is related with technical problems at the moment.

  24. Good animation. But you really need someone that can direct the way the story is told. You are doing hard work anyway, why not make it worth it by thinking more about how to story is told (art director).

  25. Опомнитесь!!!
    Графика – хорошо (местами не брежно)
    Анимация – не очень (часто искажает пропорции предыдущего кадра)
    Режиссура со сценарием – ПОЛНОЕ ГОВНО (простите, но это так)

  26. I love the backgrounds! and Props and effects!

    just… i wished the characters were slightly more polished? :3 no offense or anything..

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