Character template updated for Synfig 0.64.1

Many of you probably aware about Synfig Studio 0.64.1 been released on 4th of November. This release brings several features which our character can benefit from. So, hereby, we are publishing the template updated for both sample characters. Enjoy! Click here to download List of

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Some news from Synfig

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. So much happened during past summer! If you remember, after receiving the grant  from Shuttleworth Foundation my plan was to temporarily leave the Morevna Project and move to Synfig as a full-time developer. Well, things turned out in a

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Morevna toolchain updated

As promised, we’re updating the packages from our toolchain to their latest versions. Here’s the list of updates: Blender 2.68a (see release notes) Pencil 2D 0.54 (see release notes) You can download the updated versions from the software page. Blender packages are exactly the same

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RenderChan Updates

Remake 0.6 released

With the last release of Remake I have announced that version 0.5 will be the last one. I was promising to rewrite the tool into python and give it a new name.Well, I have lied. For the last months I didn’t managed to put my

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New life of Pencil

As you probably know, we use Pencil software as frame-by-frame animation tool in our workflow. But due to the fact that original project is dead, we have published our changes in our own repository at github. That made many people treat our version as “fork”.

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License issues of Morevna Project Demo

Lately I started to receive requests for permission to use screenshots from Morevna Project Demo on various resources like Wikipedia and others. And it looks like the best is to publicly clarify the situation here one more time, so people can use this post as

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