Progress Report #28 – Digging with OpenToonz code

In previous report I have mentioned that I am doing some small improvements for OpenToonz. My intention is to make some improvements to make it more user-friendly, according to our usage experience during production of Morevna Episode 2. This is actually the same thing I did for Synfig when I was producing Morevna Demo and […]

Progress Report #27 – Sunday Streams

Hi everyone! Some news about my progress. I have started working on animatic for Morevna Episode 2. By the moment got first 30 shots done. For animatic I am using OpenToonz. The process is completely open for public – I am doing test streams and uploading them on YouTube. You can watch them here: Also, […]

Anastasia leaves the project

Today our lead artist Anastasia Mayzhegisheva announced that she is leaving Morevna Project. Anastasia has discussed this with me a few days earlier and today made a final decision. She pointed that she is stressed to combine the work on the project with her studies in college and feels complete burnout about the project. She […]

How to work with sources of Morevna Episode 4

1. Software To work with sources of Morevna Episode 4 you need the following software installed: RenderChan. Synfig (version 1.3.14 or above). Blender (version 2.79). Krita (version 4.2.7 or above). Papagayo (only if you want to edit lipsync PGO files). Make sure to have all mentioned tools are available in your system PATH. 2. Downloading […]

Discord benefits for Patrons

Hi Patrons! Just want to let you know that we enabled Discord benefits for everyone who supporting us via Patreon. Yes, at the moment we do not have any activities on Discord, yet we plan to have some. With this benefit your nickname in chatroom will be highlighted with particular color, so the fact of […]

Morevna Episode 4 sources released!

Sometimes you are in hurry so much, so you can late for a year. This phrase perfectly describes the situation that I had with Episode 4 sources. And without any further excuses I am happy to announce that sources of Morevna Episode 4 are available for download now! ^__^ You can browse sources on our […]

Progress Report #26

I intentionally called this “Project News”, instead of usual “Production Report”, as it is more about infrastructure, not the production itself. Possibly, I will stick to this name in the future. ^__^

So, here’s what’s going on in the project…

Morevna Episode 4: Call for fandub

Dub-pack for Morevna Episode 4 is available for download now! “Dub Pack” is a special version where video, voice, sound effects and music tracks are separated, so you can easily edit/replace any part of the soundtrack. For example, you can remove voices and create a dubbed version in your native language. Another alternative is to […]

OpenToonz Morevna Edition 1.4.0 released

I am happy to announce the release of OpenToonz Morevna Edition version 1.4.0! This version includes all features of official OpenToonz version 1.4.0 (see release notes) + Krita-like assistants and Advanced color selector.

Package from Studio Ghibli

It was a beautiful sunny morning when I found a piece of paper in my post box with a note that some package is waiting for me in a post office. There was no mention about the origin of the package, nor sender details. So I walked to a post office to figure out what […]

Morevna Comics?

While we’re preparing for production Morevna Episode 2, got a sudden idea: What if, in parallel to current production, we produce some new Morevna episode as comics/manga? What do you think?

Interview with OpenToonz contributor Agnyy Ignatyev

If you follow OpenToonz-related news at our blog, you might know the name of Agnyy Ignatyev (his GitHub profile) – the guy who continuously puts his efforts and money into improving OpenToonz. Agnyy is prototyping concepts of new features, finds people who can implement them and pays them out of his own pocket to get […]