Morevna Project now officially registered Non-Profit!

Well, it’s been a long path and finally I can announce that starting from February 24, 2021 the Morevna Project is officially registered as Non-Profit organization!

  • Country of registration: Russian Federation.
  • Full organization title: “Morevna Project – Open Animation Technologies Development Center” (АНО “Центр развития открытых анимационных технологий “Проект Моревна”)
  • Primary state registration number (ОГРН): 1210400000249
  • TIN (ИНН): 0400016157
  • CEO: Konstantin Dmitriev
  • Board members: Konstantin Dmitriev, Artem Konoplin (Synfig, maintainer&developer), Alexander Kudryashov (Adamant Art School, CEO).

The mission of organization, as declared in its Charter, is: to develop and popularize technologies of production animation using open-source software.

This will be achieved through following activities:

  • Developing and improving of open-source animation software tools.
  • Producing animation works using open-source software tools to proof capabilities of the tools and indicate prospective ways of development.
  • Providing free education (in online and offline forms) for individuals to help them learn creating animation using open-source tools (Krita, Synfig, OpenToonz and others).

For the latter we will continue working closely with Adamant Art School to provide free offline workshops for youths and also open for cooperation with other organizations. Also, we aim to provide free resources for online education in the nearest future. Stay tuned for more news soon!

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  1. This is super nice, congrats for taking the time to do all this paperwork!

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