Rethinking strategy for posting updates

If you following our updates  at Patreon, then you probably noticed the changes of last two weeks – the updates got smaller and more frequent. This is result of ongoing re-thinking of structure of our project. And in this particular case –  our infrastructure for delivering updates.

So, what it’s all about?

1. We have official blog at Morevna website.

2. We have Patreon’s posts stream.

Both of those channels are intended to post updates. Both of those channels have an option to deliver updates to your mailbox.

For quite a while those communication channels  were pretty much duplicating each other.

And this is what I didn’t liked.

I had a feeling that they had to serve for different purposes. But how exactly? What are the differences?

I started to ask those questions to myself and the answer came from understanding the segmentation of our audience.

Let’s talk about two segments.

For first segment of our audience we have Patreon’s posts stream. This is for ones who would like to follow the project closely – the “inner circle”. They love small and frequent updates. And they  want to know them early.

This is a way of “almost real-time” communication, the updates “on-the-go”. In some aspect this is similar to posting into social network, but updates get delivered right to your mailbox, so you don’t miss any bit.

Eventually, those quick updates get summarized in a big posts at our official blog, where we will publish “big things” – detailed and structured reports, important announcements. And this is a channel to deliver updates for our second segment – for the ones who like to read long and detailed posts, who prefer to get information in a “big chunks”.

Let me mention, that  it is not necessary to be a paid Patreon user to  get updates from our Patreon stream – you just need to click “Follow” button in the top-left area of our page.

In a very opposite way, if you are paid Patron for our project (thank you so much for that!) and you do not want your inbox cluttered by our small updates, then you can fix that in just two clicks by configuring your email settings –

(Still, you probably want to keep notified about “big things”, so you can subscribe to our official blog at the bottom of our home page –

So, this is it! At the end of this post I would like to thank Terry Hancock from Lunatics project, who (unintentionally) provided a good example, which helped me to come with this rethinking. More to come soon!

P.S. Post artwork by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva.

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