Draft model of Ivan’s car is available for download

Nikolai Mamashev have finished the modeling routines for Ivan’s car and today we are happy to publish results of his work for free download!

This model is created in Blender and is still work-in-progress. The final version will be fully textured and will include a simple rig – this is what Nikolai is working right now.  As soon as it will be finished we will publish the complete model for free download as well.

Until then, you can download the current draft model – just click the button below and enter “0” (zero) into the “Price” field.

Model license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. Feel free to reuse in your own works.

This is a 3D model of car for the main hero of Morevna series – Ivan Tsarevich. It  is created by Nikolai Mamashev as part of his work on Morevna Episode 4, which is funded through our ongoing crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is still open and we appreciate your contributions before the March 1st, 2018. Thank you!

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