Morevna Episode 3: Call for fandub

Today we are happy to release a Dub Pack for Morevna Episode 3! Check the bottom of this page for download links.

“Dub Pack” is a special version where video, voice, sound effects and music tracks are separated, so you can easily edit/replace any part of the soundtrack. For example, you can remove voices and create a dubbed version in your native language, replace music or sound effects.


The pack includes:

  • Video file encoded as lossless H.264 (it’s pretty huge, yes);
  • Separate sound tracks for music, effects and voice – encoded as lossless FLAC;
  • Video cover image templates (just in case if you decide to share your result on YouTube);
  • License file (just to mention that it is CC-BY-SA 4.0);
  • Note, that subtitle translations, are available here.

With this step we invite you to create a dubbed version of Morevna Episode 3 (or any other sound-related remix). Unleash your creativity and feel free to drop us a note in the comments form below if you end up with something!

Download Dub Pack Browse files

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