Town pack for Blender


Nikolai Mamashev created a pack of objects for building town background. This pack is completely compatible with Pepper & Carrot models, so you can use it to build your own animation scenes. Check it out!

This pack includes:

  • background + silhouette of the city;
  • clouds;
  • various buildings;
  • streetlights;
  • trees and bushes;
  • fence;
  • sidewalk;
  • table with fastfood.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Quick video demonstration: “How to build a town out of the pack models”

Get town pack


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  1. I would like to have a proper look at it before offering a donation. If I can use it I am happy to make a donation but many things that people offer both free and paid turn out to be of no value.

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